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talent development
social responsibility
management creativity
international bridging
strategic planning
 enterprise systematic implementation


Audit And Assurance Services
Our Audit Services help clients to assess their financial health, strength and weakness.This includes: Compliance audit of financial statements, Specialised audit services,Governmental compliance services
, Corporate Governance

Tax planning and compliance services 
Our tax professionals considers the unique needs and objectives of each client, and uses our experience and knowledge of new tax laws and regulations to plan and implement the best tax-saving strategies.

Management consultancy & valuation services
Our extensive knowledge and experience with accounting, financial statement analysis, and tax issues enable us to make focused business plans and effective recommendations that empower our clients to improve efficiency, control risks and increase profitability. We also leverage on our industry experience to provide comprehensive, accurate rigorous business valuations.

Business Process Outsource
Payroll administration
Accounting services
Design and implement accounting system
Other Business Services
Registration of trade mark
Application of employment pass